Properly BBQing Chicken

by BBQ Guru on July 12, 2010

photo from Food Network

                The classic barbequed meat look and flavor actually has a few tips needed to make it really work.  I have seen too many people mess up a simple BBQ chicken recipe that I have been prompted to detail the steps that go into it.  I choose BBQ chicken for this because not only is it my favorite but it is the easiest to mess because of chickens faster cooking time and low fat content.  For starters you have to get the grill nice and hot, same as with everything, and set your chicken cut of choice on the grill. You don’t want to move the chicken around a lot, not even delicately with you mirage grill tool set.  Notice I didn’t say anything about the BBQ sauce yet.  If you put the sauce on now than it will burn before the chicken is even half cooked.  Only once the chicken is 90% or so cooked do you dare put the sauce on. In fact you can wait until the chicken is done and only put it on for a minute or so before you take them away from the heat.

                I hope you found this helpful because I love BBQ chicken and I love to see it done right.

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